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OC Biology offers free mentorship for science fairs and competitions. These sessions will be led by LeAnn Tai, who has won nationally in scientific research and biology competitions.

LeAnn has presented her research at numerous conferences and symposiums and has experience with research in diverse fields of science and biology. Her winning projects include:​​​

  • Dietary Flavonoid Dihydromyricetin (DHM) Ameliorates Alcohol-Induced Intestinal Microbiome Changes Associated with Alcoholic Liver Disease

  • Efficient Removal of Soil Contaminants Using Biodegradable Adsorbents

  • Effect of Climatic Changes on Plant Growth: A Study of Their Adaptation Patterns

  • Natural Alternative to Preservation Without Refrigeration

Additionally, LeAnn has won multiple awards at national and international biology competitions.

Look below to learn more about a type of competition. Fill out the attached form to sign up for a session!


Type: Consultation

Frequency: Upon signups

Opens: August 2021 

We provide:  Consultation, research feedback, registration help, mock interviews

Preparation for:

• Orange County Science and Engineering Fair

• California Science and Engineering Fair

• Broadcom MASTERS

• Research conferences and symposiums


Type: Group training

Frequency: 1 meeting/month

Start: (tentative) Spring 2022

We provide:  Practice/mock question sets, quiz bowl training, registered team

Preparation for:

• Biology Bowl

• Medicine Bowl

• Science Bowls

• Competitions with biology-related bowl components

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Type: Group training

Frequency: 1 meeting/month

Start: September 2021

We provide:  Study material, study plans, mock exams, Q&A with previous winners

Preparation for:

• USA Biolympiad


• Biology Challenge

• Biology Olympiads

Sign up (coming soon)
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