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LeAnn Tai

Founder and President of OC Biology

Founder and President of Beckman Biology Olympiad

Hello, my name is LeAnn, currently a sophomore at Beckman High School. I have always enjoyed watching science videos in my free time and exploring the wonders of the world of STEM. This inspired me to compete in science fair competitions, where I was able to dive even deeper into learning about science, especially biology. Being a four-time winner of the California State Science and Engineering Fair and a two-time semi-finalist of the national Broadcom MASTERS science competition really motivated me to continue studying life science. As a two-time semi-finalist of the 2020 and 2021 USABO, I wanted to share my interest in biology with my peers by creating this organization and bringing together a group of students whom all share a passion for biology. 

Other than browsing through websites and biology books, I also enjoy drawing, playing the violin, watching the most recent trending dramas, and catching up on the newest restaurants.

I am excited to be a part of OC Biology!


Cody Gee

Vice President

Hi! My name is Cody and I am currently a sophomore at Arnold O. Beckman High School. I am currently very interested in the STEM field and I am participating in competitive VEX robotics outside of school. Over the past two years, I have done competitive VEX robotics in middle school which has allowed me to find a passion in STEM. In the past, I have also competed in an academic pentathlon and a math field day competition.


Erin Song

Tutoring Director, Graphic Designer

My name is Erin Song, a sophomore at Beckman High School. Besides academics, I also enjoy drawing, dancing, and singing. As a freshman, I took AP biology, which sparked my interest in this subject. Through this club, I hope that I'm able to help and show the fun in learning biology, as well as the various interesting aspects and advantages that come with learning this subject.


Timothy Tan

Public Relations and Marketing

Hello! My name is Timothy.  I am currently a sophomore at Beckman High School who is very passionate about learning in the field of STEM. At the moment, I am part of a robotics team in order to promote my interest in STEM and explore the field even further. I am proud to be part of Beckman Biology Olympiad and I'm excited to be able to encourage others to learn more about biology.


Gerald Lu


Hi, my name is Gerald Lu and I am a sophomore in Beckman High School. I enjoy learning about science and I want to explore it with other people. My hobbies include chess and sleeping. I am excited to attend Beckman Biology Olympiad with you.

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