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Walking into the world of science as a curious child, I realized that biology was my passion. Through this platform, I hope to connect people from different origins and interests to discover the world of biology. During my learning journey, I noticed how important support from those around you is. So, I hope OC Biology can be that source of support for you!​

LeAnn Tai

Founder and President of OC Biology


AoPS Registration closes: February 5, 2021

USABO open exam day: February 11, 2021

USABO practice exam day: January 19, 2021



Not only do we read and learn about biology from comprehensive books, experienced mentors, and your own classmates, we play games to engage learning in a fun way.

Pipetting Samples


Use your knowledge to compete in national and international competitions to build experience and work towards accomplishments. 

Congratulations to Beckman Biology Olympiad for winning at

the 2020 International Medicine Olympiad!

Team award: 5th place, Quarterfinalist Team

Individual awards:

LeAnn Tai, Gold Medal, 2nd Place Champion

Anh-Thai Le, Bronze Medal

Cody Gee, Honorable Mention

Coco Li, Honorable Mention

Gerald Lu, Honorable Mention



of the week

Over one-fourth of all bones in your body are in your feet! An adult human has 206 bones, and each foot has 26 bones!


Perform and conduct fascinating experiments to dig deeper into biology. We will have fun and informational activities such as labs and demonstrations that'll help you learn while still having fun!


Inspire classmates and peers with what you learned about biology and lead them to success. Teach your friends what you learned to improve together. 

Science Lab

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Beckman Biology Olympiad

In this club, a group of passionate students gathers to study for the USABO together, along with participating in engaging labs and active fundraisers to help promote exploring the field of biology. 

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Northwood Chapter

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